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August 9, 2006

Dear Friend of WCRC:

After great effort and thoughtful consideration, it is the duty of the Board of Directors of the Women’s Cancer Resource Center (WCRC) to report to you that, due to a lack of funds, we will be suspending the programs of WCRC for an unknown period. Although we have decidedly the most dedicated and talented staff, and committed supporters like you, we have not been able to find a way to sustain the work of WCRC. As of August 19, 2006 we will lay off all employees of WCRC and suspend all programs.
Meanwhile, excellent cancer-related resoucres can be found at the following websites:

  • Cancer & Alopecia -
  • Cancer -
  • Cancer - Wikipedia

  • More information on steps to prevent cancer :
  • Breast Cancer information
  • Cancer Screening -

  • Follow nib health centre for information on checkups and prevention for adults

    At this tme there is no decision to dissolve WCRC; rather, the Board has identified pro bono strategic planning professional services and will go into a strategic planning retreat August 23 - 25 in order to determine the future of WCRC. We’ll draw upon the support and talent that have shaped the past years of successes at WCRC and include some new, fresh energy in our planning process. After the strategic planning session the Board will determine WCRC’s future role, including the outcome for each of our existing programs. You can expect that we will communicate this to our clients, friends and funders as soon as we are able. We ask for your patience and continued support as we go through this important process.

    Helen Keller, a woman who knew how to meet obstacles on life's path, including cancer, once said, "Be of good cheer. Do not think of today’s failures, but of the success that comes tomorrow. You have set yourselves a difficult task, but you will succeed if you persevere; and you will find a joy in overcoming obstacles." Our current task is a difficult one but together may we be able to find joy in overcoming these obstacles and deciding what is best for WCRC and the people that it serves.

    We understand that you may have questions, concerns and ideas regarding our current situation and we’re sincerely interested in your thoughts. We encourage you to contact us but please understand that as we’re dealing with many important issues, it may take us some time to return your calls and address all of your concerns. Thank you very much for your support.

    Cathy Jacobson, President
    WCRC Board of Directors